On Software, Systems Thinking & Entrepreneurship

I’m Wille Faler, an experienced consultant, software engineer, manager & entrepreneur with over 20 years industry experience.
I’m passionate about building, enabling & scaling high-performance teams & organisations, and the technologies that enable them.

I am the founder of Chaordic GmbH, a boutique consultancy that helps organizations accelerate their technology delivery.

Based in the beautiful Canton of Zug, Switzerland, I speak fluent English, Swedish, Finnish & proficient German.

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2023 prediction results

At the beginning of January, I made some predictions for the year. How did they pan out? Some where surprisingly accurate..

The Generalist/Specialist hiring mismatch

Tech needs more proactive generalists with high-level problem-solving- and interpersonal skills, with a high capacity for learning, but we hire for deep specialization with an emphasis on rote memorization. How do we start probing for what really matters?

Post programming-language software engineering

Bruce Lee said "Using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation", and I think this applies to software engineering and programming languages as well.