My personal README

You can't summarize an entire person in a few paragraphs, but perhaps you can get a sense of my working style. It is at least worth a try, so here goes:

Things I believe


  • I believe in data-driven, evidence-based decision-making. It takes the emotion & opinion out of many choices.
  • The time- and effort required to make a decision should be proportional to the magnitude of the possible negative impact of a the decision, and the cost of reversing it. Don't sweat the small stuff.
  • It follows that breaking down large decisions into smaller, reversible decisions is a good idea. Make mistakes affordable, avoid indecision.
  • Uncertainty is a fact of life. We should embrace it. Make a hypothesis, decide on a way to test it (metrics that prove or falsify the hypothesis). Iterate fast.
  • Have a bias for action. When in doubt, move forward. 5 correct decisions and 2 mistakes is better than 2 perfect decisions that took too long.
  • Mistakes happen. Don't blame people, blame the process. Then learn and fix the process.

Teams & people

A team with purpose & direction will always outperform a team that is directed.

  • Clear purpose and goals are important. When people know what they are working towards, they know what to do.
  • I believe in small, autonomous teams. Let people make decisions. Let them make mistakes. Let them learn.
  • Give people problems to solve, not tasks to do. Ensure they have the power, means & context to solve the problems.
  • Everyone is different. Some people thrive on autonomy, others need more direction, but everyone can grow. One of the best ways to manage this is to consider team composition beyond a laundry list of skills, ensure everyone has someone to learn from.
  • Diversity is a competitive edge: different perspectives, personalities, experiences & ways of thinking lead to better decisions.
  • Work is not family, family is family. Work, achievement, and success are important, and it is important to have good relationships with the people you work. But take care of yourself and your family first. They will be there longer than any job.

About me

  • I'm a generalist. I like to learn new things, and I like to solve problems. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty.
  • I have "strong beliefs, loosely held": I have opinions, biases, but am not afraid to re-evaluate them given evidence or a strong argument to the contrary. Personal growth wins over ego, every time.
  • The search for answers through enquiry is more rewarding than being right.
  • I am a professional extrovert, social introvert: I like to engage with people about ideas, work and getting things done. But I'm not necessarily the best at small talk. I blame being born in a Finnish family.
  • My primary hobby is learning. Learning new things is nourishment for the soul & mind.